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Microgreens are packed with nutrition!

There are several studies that suggest that microgreens are higher in nutrition than the mature plant.  Some of the studies are available in the links below:

microgreens doc is an excellent document with lots of big impressive words.  It also has exactly how the tests were performed, all the references, and what various microgreens have the most of.  What we found interesting was the microgreens used in the study were harvested up to three days before analysis.  “Harvesting” involved cutting the microgreens, putting them in bags, and shipping them to the research facility.  Essentially the facility was testing dead or dying plants
This is a fairly recent article that not only reinforces the nutritional value of Broccoli microgreens, but also discusses the water and energy costs of the current food distribution system versus our urban farming method.  Further, it also looks at the loss of nutrients and carbohydrates after the microgreens are “harvested” and transported.  Again, our fresh, on the growing material when you buy it method comes across as clearly superior.
Here is a great overview of some of the benefits of microgreens without the big words and scientific jargon of the above study.

But wait!  There’s more!!  The Mother Nature Network is a staunch advocate of Microgreens.  In this article, they talk briefly about the nutritional benefits of nine varieties

If you do not want to read, and prefer to watch a video, HERE is an excellent video shared by our friend R. Farmer focusing on the benefits of Broccoli.  It is very in depth yet understandable by everyone.  Thank you Mr. Farmer!  The URL is:
This chart goes with the above video, providing a comparison of the Glusocinolates content of various microgreens.  Note that Broccoli rules the roost here…

Mr Farmer also sent us a link to a video discussing Cancer and Cyclical Fasting.  It has been known among “old timey” Doctors that fasting can cause the body to metabolize cancer cells. – Although not specifically about microgreens, several of the plants commonly grown as microgreens are on the top 100 list of most nutritious foods.
Dr Weil talks not just about the nutritional value, but notes that the flavors are more intense.  Dr Weil’s discussion refers to the first study.
An interesting statement in this page

To reap the health benefits of microgreens, eat them immediately after harvest. Microgreens, like most other superfoods that are consumed fresh, begin to lose their nutritional value rapidly after harvest.

Remember we mentioned that in the study all the other papers refer to, the microgreens had been “harvested” days before the analysis was performed. is an article on how Broccoli microgreens show much promise in fighting cancer.


And of course what discussion about healthy things is complete without the last word from good old WebMD: