What a year!

It has been an amazing year for us at Grasshopper Greens!

We started out not knowing if our little agricultural venture was going to take off, plod along, or wither away. Like any new venture, the unknowns appeared too numerous to count, but we kept going.

Why did we keep going?

Because we met so many wonderful people who are as enthused about our yummy microgreens as we are. Many stopped to talk, some stopped to buy, and most of the buyers kept coming back! We knew we were on to something.

What does the future hold?

We do not know. After much thought and discussion, we have decided that in order to make room for some new adventures in our lives, Grasshopper Greens has to fold.

Now what?

We have some Microgreen growing equipment for sale. Not all of it to be sure, since we enjoy them at our own table regularly. In the next week or so we will put up a page of items for sale.

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