How it works

We sell full trays, half trays, and individual “squares” (at local farmers markets) only. You select  up to 4 items to fill your trays .  They do not have to be all different items.  For example, you could select three radish and a kale and you will get a tray with three quarters of radishes and a quarter of kale.

Each order is grown especially for you so you receive the very freshest, savouriest microgreens available. Because we are growing these plants just for you, we need three (3) weeks notice.

We deliver on Tuesday and Friday mornings.  If you want to make a standing order, let us know and we will grow your order and deliver on our regularly scheduled delivery day(s).

We often try growing new varieties of microgreens.  If you are interested in something we do not offer, please let us know.


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