As most of our customers are aware, we encourage the re-use or recycling of the plastic containers we have been using to package our yummy microgreens.  And we thank all of you who have been doing just this!

Still, we felt bad every time another piece of plastic was released into the wild.

Starting this week, we will be sending your nutritious microgreens home with you in compostable, biodegradable paper containers!  Simply keep them closed in your refrigerator, and they will keep up to 10 days.

Of course we encourage you to partake of the tasty contents long before they migrate to the back of your frigid-aire!

2 Replies to “Packaging”

  1. HI!! I love the packaging you’ve chosen.
    My sister and I are starting up a micro greens biz in Hawaii. Would you please please be so kind to share your source?

    Thanks for keeping plastic out of the home grown food movement! Aloha

    1. Hello
      I closed the business down, and all the receipts and such are at the accountant’s office. A quick web search for biodegradeable containers should point you in the right direction.
      sorry i’m not more help

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