Grandin Village Farmers Market dates

It is official!

We will be at the Grandin Village Farmers market every other week for the summer season this year!

We are, of course, looking forward to providing the freshest, tastiest, most nutritious microgreens available to the great folks in the greater Roanoke area.

You might be wondering when you can come get yours?  So were we until just a few days ago.  the dates we will be at the Grandin Village Farmers market are:

4/21 5/5 5/19
6/2 6/16 6/30
7/14 7/28 8/11
8/25 9/8 9/22
10/6 10/20 11/3

We are looking forward to seeing you there!

Grandin Village Farmers Market

Mark your calendars, set the alarm clock, make sure the car has gas!!!!
Yes indeed, we will be at the Grandin Village Farmers Market

Grandin Village Farmers Market
“Why Dave, that’s all well and good, and we are all excited, but when is it?”
I’m SO glad you asked!  March 17 is the date, from 10A.M. to 1 P.M.  Come get your fresh microgreens just in time for your St. Patrick’s day meal.


Some studies to ponder

We added a page to our website that talks about “Why Microgreens?”  We could talk all day about the benefits of Microgreens, but sometimes it is better to let others do the talking.  Especially when the others have doctorates, are doctors, and/or are widely considered experts in their fields (or laboratories)

Why Microgreens?

What a great start!

We had a great day at the Grandin Farmers Market.  Met many wonderful people and provided live food for live people to our new friends and customers.  Thanks to the LEAP folks for helping our first venture be so successful!

Farmer’s market January 20

We will be doing our very first appearance at the Grandin Farmer’s market this Saturday, the 20th.

Stop by and say hi!  Check out the latest microgreens.

We are looking forward to seeing you there!!

Dave and Kim