About us

So here we are after an incredible journey!  This particular photo was taken at the Xmas Jam in 2011.  It’s a benefit for Habitat for Humanity put on by Warren Haynes in Asheville NC every year.  A very worthy charity that features several incredible musicians playing together in an almost all night musical overload.  If you love music and want to see some top-notch bands all in one place, We highly recommend going.

Our story doesn’t end with this, in fact this is towards the beginning of our travels.

We met at an SCA event in February, 2011, and Dave knew right away he had found the love of his life.   We merged households and were handfasted in June of that year.  After living at Elchinberg Castle for a few years we moved to Ararat, Va.

Kim is a Chiropractor, and Dave can fix anything but a broken heart.  This makes us an unstoppable team – Kim makes the living beings better and Dave keeps the systems running at their very best.

Kim had a dream of practicing in South America and an opportunity for her to do just that came along.  After much discussion and planning Dave drove Kim to Fort Lauderdale airport on Thanksgiving day 2013 to catch a flight to Lima and a new adventure.

We maintained our relationship with Email, Skype, and Facebook Messenger.  Saturdays were date night where we would watch a movie together over Skype, commenting about the movie or whatever came to mind.  Kim practiced in Trujillo, near the coast, Huancayo, in the mountains, and then in Pucallpa, in the Amazon rainforest.  After 2 years of this, we decided that the being apart was no longer bearable and after much thought and discussion we decided that Dave would join Kim in Pucallpa.  Dave left his job as a Technical Service Rep at NCFI Polyurethanes, got rid of 2 households of stuff and years of recreational mechanic tools and was reunited with his love in Peru.

Peru was amazing!  There are so many things to see and do there.  We were unable to see everything we wanted to but we did get to do many cool things while we were there, such as Maccu-Piccu, the hot springs near Contamana, and a mini vacation to Ecuador.

Living in the Amazon rainforest region meant that there was an abundance of tropical fruits available at very reasonable prices.  Within a year, Dave’s diabetes went from almost out of control to normal.  We knew we were onto something.  Peru does not have any GMO products, nor is there High Fructose Corn Syrup in the foods.  Why import HFCS into a country where one of the major exports is sugar?



If a year in the rainforest eating local foods can make such a drastic change in this condition, then the processed foods diet prevalent in more “civilized” countries must surely be a major contributor to the condition!  The photo to the right is Dave at 270 lbs heading for a max of 280, and then after a year in Peru.  The fat photo was on the Set of the trailer for Fix It In Post, a film by Adrenalin Pictures.



As much a we loved Peru and the people we had the great fortune to meet, the time came to move the adventure.  What greater contrast than to move from the rainforest 8 degrees south of the Equator to, say, 52.25 degrees north?

So off we went to Ireland!  We spent a year in Ireland, Kim working as a Chiropractor, and Dave helping people with WordPress, a skill which was to pay off later when we decided to launch the Grasshopper Greens web presence.  We visited many places in Ireland, Blarney castle, where this photo was taken, Dublin (well mostly the airport), the Giant’s Causeway,Drinnmagh Castle, and spent Beltaine at Uisneach Hill, as well as many other places.  Dave was unable to refrain from speaking in limericks for several days after visiting Limerick.

The Irish people are, for the most part, kindly, very interested in American politics, and most play at least one instrument.

After the year in Ireland some things came up back in the U.S that required our presence so with heavy hearts we returned to the U.S.  Bumping around a bit we settled in the Roanoke, Va area.  We love the area, its beautiful, the people are nice, and Roanoke is a small city with so many cool things to do both in and out doors.  We saw so many health minded and food conscious people, and saw that a market for Pure Microgreens was begging to be filled.

Grown in a pure environment, on coconut fiber mats in pure water. No fertilizer, no pesticides, grown in food safe trays, Microgreens are a perfect food, with a much higher nutritional density than the mature plants.

The rest, as they say, is history.  All of this is history but you get the idea.