This weekend!

Yes indeed its that time already!  Saturday we will be at the Farm to Table market at Greenbriar Nursery to provide you with the tastiest, most nutritious microgreens found in the Roanoke area!

“But Dave, where is that?”  I’m so glad you asked!   5881 Starkey Rd, Roanoke, VA 24018 is the address.  Google yourself up a map, put it in your GPS, dust off that old paper map, but do navigate yourself on down!

We can’t wait to see you there!

Why haven’t we seen you?

We are truly sorry that we have been unable to be at our regular markets recently.

Kim had a sudden illness resulting in surgery so our focus was on getting her all taken care of so we can continue to provide you with the freshest tastiest most nutritious microgreens to be found in the Roanoke area.

As I write this Kim is industriously cutting up mats so we can plant tomorrow for our next market.

But Dave, when will that be?  You may be wondering just that, and I am happy to provide you with the answer!

Our next public appearance will be at the Grandin Village Farmers Market on April 21.  We are really excited to be moving outdoors and be a part of the market.  We will alternate weeks between the Grandin Village Farmers Market and the Greenbriar Saturday Farmers market.

We look forward to seeing YOU there!