Welcome to Grasshopper Greens – with the emphasis on PURE!

Providing the finest, tastiest, and purest microgreens to the Roanoke area!

 We use ONLY non-GMO seeds from reputable suppliers.  Pure water.  Organic Cocoa mat growing media.  Grown only in food safe trays.  We use all food safe materials throughout our meticulous growing process.  Our water comes from a certified safe supply, but that isn’t good enough.  We then filter the water using Berkee Black filters ensuring that the purest possible water is used, giving you the purest microgreens possible.

We sell full trays, half trays, and individual “squares” (at local farmers markets) directly to you.  No middle-persons.  We deliver the greens in the trays they are grown in.  You can keep the greens in the tray, but we do need it back so we may grow another crop in it. If you lose, re-purpose, or damage the tray, it is yours and we reserve the right to charge you for it.

We often go to local Farmers Markets and non-restaurants could pick up an order from us there!  We may well have “spare” microgreens at the markets, available on a first come, first served basis.  If you order microgreens and do not pick them up at the market as previously arranged, they will be donated to charity in your name.

Our Blog page has our calendar of events and our appearances at local Farmers markets

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We do NOT use fertilizer, pesticides, or growth enhancers.  The process is hydroponic so we do not use soil.  Therefore no dirt, insects,  compost, or associated pathogens.

Orangutan byproducts free!